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Hydrangea are perfect for any wholesale wedding flowers as they have a wide range of beautiful colours. They can be used for bouquets, table arrangements, decorating venues and even pedestal displays. Hydrangeas can be anything from 20cm wide and stems can grow from 30cm up to 80cm tall. The longer the stem on wholesale Hydrangeas, the larger the diameter of the flower head. A very popular choice for DIY wholesale wedding flowers as they have such large heads they are very easy to arrange.

When you receive your wholesale hydrangea flowers, first be sure to trim the stems on an angle and remove lower leaves.  This will allow the Hydrangeas to take in more water.  Dip the stems into our FloraLife Quick Dip for a few seconds as this will clear the stem.  Fill a clean bucket with water and add some flower food.  Immerse the Hydrangeas in the water and allow them to have a good drink overnight.  Be sure not stand Hydrangeas near radiators, drafts or in direct sunlight.

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