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  1. August - What's in Season?

    August - What's in Season?
    We're into the final month of Summer, we're almost into Autumn and with this month comes lots of lovely varieties. Hydrangea - Hydrangea season is in full swing and there are so many gorgeous colours and varieties to choose from. There's a hydrangea to suit every colour scheme! Celosia - Celosia comes in two varieties, the feathery plumes and this...
  2. New! June Social Club Box!

    New! June Social Club Box!
    Our June Social Club Box is sure to brighten up your home this month! June has really been showing us a proper British Summer, so why not cheer up the dull days with our sunny Social Club Box! For just £30 including free UK next day delivery you will receive -  3 sunflowers, 3 oriental lilies, 10 iris, 5 code green chrysanthemums and 5...
  3. Wedding Trends 2019 - #2 Hanging Flowers

    Wedding Trends 2019 - #2 Hanging Flowers
    Hanging flowers are going to be extremely popular for weddings in 2019, it's a fantastic way to give your flowers that dramatic impact, not to mention practical if your tables do not allow much room for floral centrepieces. Whether you choose to have botanical foliage filled pieces, a cascade of decadent blooms or some simple suspended stems there's no doubt...
  4. Customer Profile - National Galleries Scotland

    Customer Profile - National Galleries Scotland
    Last week we were extremely pleased to be able to supply the National Galleries Scotland with an order of 10,000 beautiful red roses. The roses are part of a piece by Anya Gallaccio and her work titled "Red on Green". Anya who was nominated for the Turner Prize in 2003 and was a prominent figure in the Young British Artists generation...
  5. May - What's in Season?

    May - What's in Season?
    As we start to welcome in the Summer season along with it comes loads of fantastic new varieties! Peonies - Peonies are back and are still one of the most popular flowers of the moment, with their short season and beautiful varieties available they are always in demand. Celosia - Lovely eye catching celosia with its feathery plumes is always...
  6. Wedding Trends 2019 - #1 Neon Sign Flower Displays

    Wedding Trends 2019 - #1 Neon Sign Flower Displays
    For 2019 one of the hottest trends for wedding flower displays is to pair them with neon signs! Statement flower pieces have really come into their own recently with couples often choosing a large eye catching display piece as opposed to many smaller arrangements. In this instagram age people love a photo opportunity so having an insta worthy piece like...
  7. April - What's in Season?

    April - What's in Season?
    This April we're celebrating the best Spring flowers that Holland has to offer! There are currently some fantastic varieties available as we start to come into the warmer months! Allium - Alliums are often used in contempory & modern flower arrangements due to their traditional spherical flower heads however from time to time you will also see some more unusual Allium...
  8. New! April Social Club Box!

    New! April Social Club Box!
    NEW! APRIL SOCIAL CLUB BOX! It's a new month and with it comes a brand new Social Club Box! April's box is full of the spirit of Spring, bringing plenty of bright colours into your home! Priced at just £30 including Free UK Next Day Delivery! Our Social Club Boxes are designed for you to arrange your own beautiful bouquet at home. Your...
  9. Flowers for Easter 2019

    Flowers for Easter 2019
    PLANNING YOUR EASTER FLOWER ARRANGEMENTS? Well we have everything you need all in one place for your fantastic Easter pieces this year! Whether you're after something traditional or wanting to try something different we have something for everyone! Lilies are always traditional for Easter, yellow in particular, often seen alongside carnationsalso! Chrysanthemums and aster work well in this fun arrangement! Viburnum is again often popular...
  10. New! Spring 100 Social Club Box!

    New! Spring 100 Social Club Box!
    Spring time is finally on its way and with it comes our special Spring 100 Social Club Box! 100 stems of fresh Spring flowers for just £30 including Free Next Day UK Delivery!   Our Social Club Boxes are designed for you to arrange your own beautiful bouquet at home. Your flowers will arrive carefully packaged straight to your doorstep, ready for you...

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