Flowers for PR & Promotion

At Dutch Flower Auction Direct we are proud to supply leading Marketing and PR companies across the UK & Europe with flowers for their events.

We provide the highest quality fresh flowers at the best prices and guarantee delivery on your chosen day. This guarantee gives you peace of mind and is a symbol of our high quality customer service.

We can cater for all types of event, whether you are looking for red roses for Valentine’s Day or a specific collection of blooms for your clients new product launch. Dutch Flower Auction Direct can provide beautiful blooms for any occasion and we are experienced in calculating flower quantities, naming varieties from photographs and have built a reputation for exceeding expectations.

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Fresh flowers create a unique atmosphere and carry beauty with them wherever they go. Flowers are versatile and accommodating and will no doubt put a smile on the recipients face if given as an accompanying gift. There are many uses for fresh flowers in a marketing and public relations capacity and we are more than happy to help deliver a service that your client will love.


Orders can be placed online but please contact us* if you require a large bulk flower order and we will do all we can to help. Delivery is made on a day to suit you and we only require a few days’ notice to arrange your order.

Our reliable courier service provides next day delivery nationwide so all flowers are delivered to you with guaranteed freshness.

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